Friday, January 3, 2014

For survivors who were triggered


"A survivor might not be prepared to see scenes of sexual assault, especially if that is not the main focus of the movie or TV show,"

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Downton Abbey Hurt Me Deeply

 From the blog

"I initially felt that the fans were over-reacting. I felt this episode was akin to an All in the Family episode where Edith Bunker was raped. I felt Downton Abbey had been shocking but I didn't think the episode went to far, especially in an age where brutal, gorey murder and the resulting autopsies are a nightly television staple and Law and Order SVU has shown much worse. It never dawned on me until just now that Edith managed to escape her attacker.

Anna does not."

Fans turn against 'Downton' after rape scene

From Breaking

"The show pulled in 8.8 million viewers - down 400,000 on the previous week - and many registered their distress at the horrific scene on the internet.
Viewer Francesca Williams wrote: "Why is there a rape scene on my television? This is horrible. Definitely not watching 'Downton Abbey' again. (sic)"
Bidisha said: "What is it with male writers scribbling in a quick rape of a woman to spice things up? ITV/'Downton' raped a woman and can never take it back."

Rape Culture & Downton Abbey


"Various cast members were quoted as saying it was a “bold” and “shocking” move so I don’t see how they can argue their primary intent was to promote sensible discussion about rape and victim blaming. I also *hate* that they think the parts they showed (the assault prior to Anna Bates being dragged off) and her screams didn’t count as part of the rape. Their line in the letter was that “the rape itself was not depicted on screen whatsoever” but if Anna were a real person who was agonising over her rape, she would undoubtedly think of the rape as starting at the point when she realised he wasn’t going to let her get away and when he forcibly applied his lips to her face. Argh!"

Dowton Abbey Rape Storyline – a Response from ITV and my Takedown of It

From the blog A Hat Full of Ness:

"Further to the post I wrote earlier this week about the Downton Abbey Rape Storyline, I contacted ITV and Ofcom and have received a response from ITV. I will not say apology because it is the worst excuse for an apology I have seen in a long time! I am absolutely furious! And in the middle of composing a scathing email in response. I thought I would share their response with you here, because I have had a number of hits looking for “Downton Abbey rape” so I know there are people out there who are concerned and likely upset by it. I know I am."

Sarah Millican: Downton Abbey lost me for ever

From The Radio Times:

"Favourite telly programmes are hard to leave.  But then someone is raped in Downton Abbey. A show you adore. Have always adored. A show that is the balm to the end of your rashy week. A sorbet between busy weeks. I cannot see the reasoning behind it."

Downtown Abbey controversy: Should rape be shown on TV?


"I hope the aftermath of what happened will be dealt with in the same way – that critics’ fears aren’t realised and the wider implications are properly explored."